Making words out of numbers

Dim a As String = "conan"
Dim b As String = "the"
Dim c As String = "barbarian"
Dim d As Long = 0
Dim f As Long = 0
Dim g As Long = 0
Dim h As Long = 0
Dim i As String = ""
Dim j As Long = 0
Dim k As Long = 100000
Dim n As Long = 100000000
Dim l As Integer = 89
Dim m As Integer = 6301
Dim o As Long = 155755927
Dim x As Integer
For x = 0 To a.Length - 1
    d = d + Asc(a.Substring(x, 1))
For x = 0 To b.Length - 1
    f = f + Asc(b.Substring(x, 1))
For x = 0 To c.Length - 1
    g = g + Asc(c.Substring(x, 1))
h = Math.Floor(((g * f) + (f * d + k)) + n * d ^ 2)
For x = 0 To h.ToString.Length - 1 Step 1
    i = String.Concat(i, h.ToString.Substring(x, 1))
i = i + ((l * m) * o)

When this code completes, the value of "i" represents a word.
What's the word?

And the answer is?

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